Tennis Biomechanics (Pal) [Vhs]

Tennis Biomechanics (Pal) [Vhs]

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Tennis Biomechanics (Pal) [Vhs]

Understanding the biomechanics of tennis is crucial for players who want to maximize their movement and shotmaking skills and tennis coaches and instructors who want to teach their athletes sound fundamentals. This video shows the direct application of biomechanical principles for effective play in all areas of the court and improved tennis stroke production. Featuring instruction from Paul Roetert, administrator of United States Tennis Association (USTA) Sport Science, as well as teaching tips from top coaches at the USTA, Tennis Biomechanics provides instructional segments on: - the serve, - return of serve, - groundstrokes, - the transition game, and - net play. In each segment, viewers get to see top professionals and nationally ranked junior players demonstrate the proper movements of the body and racquet. In addition, the video shows variations for each type of shot and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. Tennis Biomechanics begins by demonstrating the proper mechanics involved in serving. Coaches, instructors, and players will learn about the importance of establishing a consistent ritual, having a clear purpose, and using a consistent toss. Next, the video reviews the three keys to an effective return of serve and explains how and when to use different swings when returning. In the groundstrokes segment of the video, viewers learn about the various grips and stances and when players should use them. This segment then shows how to combine different grips and stances to hit effective forehand and backhand shots. The transition game segment covers the biomechanics involved in serving and volleying as well as in making winning approach shots. The video ends with a discussion of the three keys to effective net play and a review of how to hit drop volleys and overhead shots. Tennis Biomechanics provides an excellent resource for coaches, instructors, and players who want to learn how to improve tennis stroke production using biomechanical principles.

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